1.How to change time and date?
Button half way out does the date.
Button all the way out does the time.
2.How to adjust the band to fit your wrist?
All of our watches come with band adjusting tools, so you can adjust the band by yourself via :How to adjust the band? It only takes few steps.
If you found it difficult, please take it to your nearest jeweler or watch store to get the watch fit your wrist.
3.Is the wood watch waterproof?
It is made of nature wood, not waterproof.
4.What should I do when the wood watch get wet?
If wooden watch get wet, please put dry it naturally in a cool place.
5.Why the color will change? How to get my original wood watch color?
Green verawood is special wood, since the color will turn green under sunshine or different  temperature.
Please dont expose it to the sunlight for a long time, otherwise it would turn green and becoming dark green.
If color change, please keep it dark or in seal place without light in 7-15 days, then the original color will come back.
6.What kind of wood do you use?
Currently ebony wood, maple wood, red sandalwood, verawood, and zebra wood included.
7What is warranty on my wood watch?
SILILUN wood watches come with a 1 year warranty.